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Project Management Software

TeamHeadquarters Project Management software is a innovative twist on an established technology.

Innovations include:

A Single Set of Contacts and Users
The use of a single set of contacts across projects and service enables the project manager with resource availability information that can be used to assign project tasks. With TeamHeadquarters the Project Manager and IT Manager can work together to effectively achieve project schedules.
My Projects Dashboard
TeamHeadquarters My Projects Dashboard
From the My Projects Dashboard a Project Manager can zero in on what's important:
  • What tasks are overdue, due and completed?
  • What new issues or changes have been submitted?
  • What's been happening across my projects that I need to know about?
  • Project Dashboard
    From the individual projects' dashboard the Project Manager can quickly see everything that's going on, or not, with their project. Critical information like:
  • Which critical path tasks are at risk?
  • How many of the tasks are complete?
  • How many project tickets are complete?
  • Integrated Status Updates
    One of the biggest project management issues is resolved with TeamHeadquarters; the effective and timely creation of Project Status Updates. Many Project Managers spend over 2 hours per project developing status updates. With TeamHeadquarters the status update report compiles key statistics and provides a tool to enter in notes on accomplishments, upcoming work, issues and risks.
    Integrated calendar and task scheduling
    TeamHeadquarters My calendar
    TeamHeadquarters embedded calendar brings together your Exchange or Google calendars and enables scheduling of tasks. Finally, a single place to schedule all of your work and non-work events.
    Self Service Portal
    Customers can use the Self Service Portal to create service requests and they can also be assigned work in the form of tickets and project tasks. Project sponsors see all their own tasks, tickets and the last Status Update.

    Service Desk Software

    Simple to use and manage, TeamHeadquarters Service Desk software provides all the functionality you need.

    Functionality includes:

    Incident and problem management
    Effective project management is key to continual improvement. With TeamHeadquarters you can attach many incidents to a single problem, establish known causes, then resolve associated incidents, update customers and the team with a single click.
    Self Service Portal
    Customers can use the Self Service Portal to manage their service requests and our unique licensing model allows to to service your customers with no additional costs*. Features of the Self Service Portal include:
  • Submit and update service requests
  • Upload files
  • Tickets knowledge base
  • Unlimited queues
    TeamHeadquarters My Queues List
    With TeamHeadquarters the IT Manager can add as many or use as few ticket queues as required.
    Email notification
    Setup as many inbound and outbound email addresses as you need. TeamHeadquarters provides you the ultimate in flexibility in managing your inbound ticket flow as well as your outbound customer communications.
    Email Notification allows you to:
  • Auto create tickets from inbound email
  • Reply to an email notification and update a ticket with the reply information and file attachments;
  • Notify customers and team members selectively each time a ticket update is made;
  • Attach inbound email to specific queues and templates.
  • Easy time entry
    TeamHeadquarters My Timesheet
    Each update can include a time entry which is automatically applied to your time sheet. Time sheets can be backfilled with tickets and tasks to create a complete picture of resource time utilization.

    *some restrictions apply.